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Intensive Social Media training course

About the course

Social media is a powerful marketing tool that will help you to grow your business, reinforce your brand and increase your presence on the internet.   This is a busy afternoon of comprehensive and practical instruction to show you how to make the most of LinkedIn, Facebook Pages, Twitter and Pinterest – plus Hootsuite for easy social media management.

For open sessions, we stick to a maximum of ten people per group so that you get the individual attention you need to develop a complete presence across the Internet.  For one-to-one and team sessions working just with your business, you can include up to four employees at no extra cost.

It’s informal, interactive and fun.  And it’s all presented in jargon-free Plain English!

This course is for you if…

  • You’re completely new to social media, or you’ve set yourself up but don’t know how to use it properly
  • You want to raise your business profile across the Internet, increase your client base and understand how to use social media in a way that’s effective and time-efficient.

At the end of the session…

  • You’ll have four social media networks: set up, optimised and branded
  • You’ll be able to manage your social media quickly and easily
  • You can create clear, well written profiles for each network, that market you and your business successfully
  • You can attract and engage with meaningful and relevant followers in the best ways for your business
  • You’ll see how a consistent marketing approach across all social media platforms will strengthen your branding
  • You’ll have gained a solid knowledge of how to increase relevant traffic to your website, generating more business
  • You will understand how your social media activities contribute to raising your business in Google’s rankings

What you need

    • Laptop
    • Profile photo
    • Logo photo
    • Business photo for cover pic

Course outline

1. What is social media?

  • Why social media is important to your business
  • Social media and search engine optimisation  (SEO)
  • Social media and building your brand
  • Social media and traditional marketing
  • Social media as a worldwide phenomenon

2. How Social media improves your business

  • Driving potential customers to your website
  • Maximising keywords
  • Improving your ranking on Google and other search engines
  • Generating leads

3. LinkedIn

  • Create or refine a well optimised LinkedIn profile that details what you offer your clients
  • Target relevant business prospects & specific groups; invite them to connect
  • Begin to build your network of contacts in an efficient way
  • Attract testimonials and endorsements to promote your skills
  • Develop connections and expertise via group interaction
  • Integrate LinkedIn with your other social media sites
  • Understand how LinkedIn fits into your social media strategy

4. LinkedIn Company Page

  • Learn how to create a fully branded company page to showcase your products and services
  • Direct potential clients to your website
  • Increase your company following
  • LinkedIn analytics
  • LinkedIn and SEO

5. Facebook Business Page

  • Set up a fully branded Facebook page that reflects your website and branding
  • Create an effective business profile
  • Understand how to post relevant information to attract a wider network of followers
  • Integrating photos and videos
  • Facebook and SEO
  • Facebook Insights – reviewing and analysing your performance
  • Integrate Facebook with your other social media sites
  • Understand how Facebook fits into your social media strategy

 6. Twitter

  • Create your Twitter account to present a fully branded profile
  • Follow and endorse clients and experts in your field
  • Attract relevant & viable followers (quality rather than quantity, we’ll explain why!)
  • Integrating photos and videos
  • Use ‘hashtags’ to make your tweets easier for potential clients to find you
  • Familiarise yourself with Twitter conventions, such as #FollowFriday
  • Learn how to generate a schedule of tweets via Hootsuite
  • Private messages
  • Twitter and SEO
  • Analytics – reviewing and analysing your activity
  • Integrate Twitter with your other social media sites

7. Pinterest

  • Create your Pinterest profile
  • This visual social media platform is ideal for strengthening your branding
  • Upload photos and videos
  • Learn how to source, add, upload and re-pin ‘pins’
  • Use your ‘boards’ as marketing tools to attract customers to your website
  • Pinterest and Youtube
  • Integrate Pinterest with your other social media sites


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One-to-one and team training sessions

We run training sessions at your own office, where everything is tailored around your specific business.  Call us on 020 8551 7077 to find out more. 

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